Turkish businessman leaves signature on London’s restaurants

15 September 2013 / AYTEN ÇİFTÇİ DENİZ, LONDON

Mehmet Kocakerim, after studying printing in Britain, is now a successful businessman. His restaurants attract a large number of diplomats, artists, politicians and athletes from all around the world.

Turkish businessmen in the UK have recently gained attention for their successful investments. One of them is Mehmet Kocakerim, who was selected as the most successful businessman by Business Network, an organization established to contribute to the economic and social development in the UK and Turkey.

Kocakerim received the highest number of votes in a survey conducted on the Internet that attracted 75,000 respondents. His story is quite interesting. His restaurants, Mem&Laz, have drawn the attention of many people, including celebrities. The young entrepreneur has also been successfully involved in printing and the real estate business before. Several civil society organisations have also elected him as the most successful Turkish businessman in the UK.